Promises Kept is an unreleased album by the Supremes.

The album title came from Mary Wilson who said that:

"I'd heard the phrase and loved it. I wanted to use it on the next album."

Album BackgroundEdit

The album was recorded from June to October of 1971 and consisted of producers such as Frank Wilson, Henry Cosby, Clay McMurray, Bobby Taylor and Ashford & Simpson.

It ended up being shelved by Motown Records in favor of the album "Floy Joy."

The album was assigned the catalogue number M-746 and was originally scheduled to be released in December of 1971, but it was never released.

A finished track listing hasn't been known to exist from the eighteen songs recorded for the album.

Five songs from the album were released in 2002 on "The '70s Anthology" CD while another thirteen songs appeared on the 2006 boxset "This is the Story: The '70s Albums, Vol. 1 (1970-1973): The Jean Terrell Years."

Songs Recorded for the AlbumEdit

  1. "Oh My Poor Baby" (Gloria Jones, Pam Sawyer) (2:48)
  2. "Make It with You" (David Gates) (3:19)
  3. "I'll Let Him Know I Love Him" (Jones, Sawyer) (4:02)
  4. "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Clifton Davis) (3:18) (originally recorded by the Jackson 5)
  5. "Walk with Me, Talk with Me Darling" (John Glover, Clay McMurray, James Dean)(2:33) (tracks 1-5 were released on the 2002 compliation album "The 70s Anthology")
  6. "Tears Left Over" (Leonard Caston, Jr., Nickolas Ashford) (3:37) (working title was "Bet I Can Wash Away")
  7. "Eleanor Rigby" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) (2:30) (originally recorded by The Beatles)
  8. "I Ain't Got the Love of the One I Love" (Nick Zesses, Dino Fekaris) (3:19 (originally assigned to David Ruffin)
  9. "Can't Get You Out of My Mind" (Ashford, Valerie Simpson) (2:59)
  10. "Take a Look Inside" (McMurray, Brenda Wane, Steve Bowden) (3:36)
  11. "Still Water (Love)" (Wilson, Smokey Robinson) (2:56) (originally recorded by The Four Tops)
  12. "Take Your Dreams Back" (Cosby, Dean, Glover) (3:18) (working title was "Free to Be Lonely")
  13. "I Don't Want to Own You (I Just Want to Love You)" (R. Dean Taylor, Mike Valvano) (2:55)
  14. "Chained to Yesterday" (Beatrice Verdi, Sawyer, Cosby) (3:08) (originally assigned to Diana Ross & The Supremes)
  15. "If I Were Your Woman" (Jones, Sawyer, McMurray) (2:46) (originally recorded by Gladys Knight & the Pips)
  16. "I Ain't That Easy to Lose" (Jones, Sawyer) (3:51) (originally assigned to Gladys Knight & the Pips)
  17. "And I Thought You Loved Me" (Zesses, Fekaris) (4:18)
  18. "It's Too Late" (Carole King, Toni Stern) (4:27) (originally recorded by Carole King)
  19. "All I Need" (originally recorded by The Temptations & released on "Motown Sings Motown Treasures")